Little People, BIG DREAMS Maya Angelou

Written by: Lisbeth Kaiser

Illustrated by: Leire Salaberria

For Ages: 4-8 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Activism, Historical Figures, Activism.

Summary: This children’s book gives a brief overview of Maya Angelou’s life, as more of an introduction rather than a deep study of her achievements.  The book covers from childhood to her reading at Bill Clinton’s inauguration.  The text glosses over her childhood attack that causes her to be mute for 5 years, as well as the racism she faced being a person of color growing up in the era before the civil rights movement took off. A great introduction to activism as well as civil rights for young children! There is also a timeline on the last two pages with a few real photos of Angelou.

Reflection Questions:

  • Have you ever heard of Maya Angelou before?
  • Why do you think she wanted to tell people her story?
  • How do you think she helped people throughout her life?

Continuing the Conversation:

  • Listen to a recording of Angelou’s poetry.  How does it make you feel?
  • Try and write your own poetry, about something you feel strongly about.  Maya loved the subject of hope.  What subject do you want to write about?
  • Read the book Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou.  What are you afraid of, and how can you be brave and face your fears?

About the Author & the Illustrator:

lisbeth kaiser


Lisbeth Kaiser is a writer and editor whose work has appeared on websites, commercials, billboards, and even toothbrushes. Lisbeth lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter and sister and brother-in-law and nephew.






Leire Salaberria was born in Andoain (Spain) in 1983. Currently, she lives and works in San Sebastián. She has majored in Fine Arts in Bilbao and studied a postgraduate in Children Illustration and graphic design in Barcelona. Leire has exhibited her artwork in different countries around the world. Her work has been selected to appear in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, IV Ibero-American catalog of illustration, Sharjah International Book Fair and BIB. In 2014 she won an Honorable mention at the Sharjah International Book Fair. Since 2011 when she published her first book, she’s illustrated several books in Italy, Mexico, EEUU, UK, Chile and Spain.

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