The Gold Egg

Written by: Ule B. Wise

Illustrated by: Jaimee Lee

For ages: 3-8 years old 

Language: English

Topics Covered: Friendship, Hard Work, Persistence, Rhyming, Social-Emotional Growth, Independent Thought.

Summary: The book opens with some children playing under a tree until it becomes too hot to play, and then they hang out drinking lemonade.  An old man comes over to chat with them and tells the kids a story of the Kloonee bird who lays golden eggs at the top of the tree.  Most of the kids don’t believe him, except one blond boy named Devan.  He decides to climb the tree up to the nest even though his friends tell him that he’s foolish.  He climbs until a branch breaks, and he falls to the ground.  Determined, he gets back up and begins to climb again.  Taking a break on a stronger branch, Devan debates whether or not he should climb the rest of the way.  We won’t spoil the rest 🙂

This storyline is part of a larger metaphor for chasing dreams through hard work and determination.  The reward for completing a challenge is like a golden egg-not everyone will have one because not everyone is willing to do what it takes.  Being able to persevere through hardship is a skill that must be cultivated, and one children should definitely learn as early as possible.  This can take many forms-working on an art project, perfect the perfect layup, or climbing a tree to find out for yourself if there really is a golden egg at the top of it.  This is a very cute story with lyrical rhymes.  The illustrations are colorful and the print is large as well.  This is helpful for a read aloud!  At the end of the book is a note from the author, giving some background context for the story and the reason for the clever pen name.  This book was provided by the author but all opinions are our own!

About the Author & the Illustrator:

44811220_2396038537089865_1067756095583289344_nDan Wyson (aka Ule B Wise) has spent many years as a certified financial planner helping adults reach their personal goals, but on the side, he has been working to assure the success of a younger crowd. And after 25 years of on-and-off work on his long-planned children’s book, he was finally able to publish “The Gold Egg,” and he told St. George News the response has been amazing.

Wyson said as an independent publisher, he knew it would be a huge hurdle to climb getting his dream to press without a large, national network behind him. And despite the book doing very well in every market it’s been placed since, he said it’s still a battle to meet his personal expectations.

Jaimee Lee is a woman of mystery who lives her life off of the internet 🙂 we’re so excited to see her forthcoming work!