A Dolphin’s Wish: How YOU Can Help Make a Difference and Save Our Oceans

Written by: Trevor McCurdie

Illustrated by: Cinzia Battistel

For ages: 4-8 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: Pint-Sized Professor, Ocean, Activism, Pollution, Litter, Environmental Activism, 


This book is narrated by a young dolphin, listening to their father talk about the pollution that is impacting their home in the ocean. The story talks a bit about both the ocean life that lives under the sea, as well as the danger of litter in the water (like animals accidentally eating it). The book is colorful and fun, and gets the message across without using just scare tactics.

After the story, there is a handful of pages that gives some facts about litter and a lot of different options of things that kids and their families can do to help the planet. A glossary helps to define words related to oceanic litter, and a chart that shows how long some items take to break down. I liked this book because it’s perfect to start discussions with, and work into a recycling or earth unit in the classroom.

This book was sent to us by Sourcebooks Kids, but all opinions are our own!

About the Author & the Illustrator: From the back book flap!

Trevor McCurdie writes rhymes in the middle of the night and some of them still make sense in the morning! His hope is that by writing about big issues in an entertaining way, children will develop a better understanding of them and start to pull their parents in the right direction.  When he’s not rhyming or sleeping, Trevor likes to be outside.  

Cinzia Battistel specializes in illustrating landscapes, travel stories, and tales from everyday life.  She is inspired most by nature and the hoopoes, fawns, owls and small eagles that live near her home.  When Cinzia isn’t creating art, growing spinach, or making jams, she teaches at the School of Cinema in Milan.

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