A is for activist

Written and Illustrated by: Innosanto Nagara

For Ages: 3-7 years

Language: English/Some Spanish

Topics Covered: Activism, Social Justice, Global Community.

Summary: This book is filled with jumping off points for vocabulary, beginning to plant the seed of activism, and literacy development.  A is for activist uses each letter of the alphabet to introduce social justice concepts in a short rhyming fashion.  For example: “F is for Feminist.  For Fairness in our pay.  For Freedom to Flourish and choose our own way”.  This opens the door for massive amounts of discussion with the audience and the reader.  By showcasing different terminology than most alphabet board books coupled with bright graphic illustrations, this book keeps the attention of children.  Robust terminology paves the way for endless questions and discussion.  This book can also be used to gauge interest in a variety of subjects to open the door for a deep dive into social justice and activism topics with young children.  This is a book to buy for every new baby that comes along!  It addresses critical topics in an approachable way, perfect for the early childhood demographic.

About the Author & Illustrator:

Children's book author Innosanto NagaraInnosanto Nagara was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the U.S. in 1988 to study zoology at UC Davis. A couple of decades later, he is a graphic designer. He is a founding member of Design Action Collective, a worker-owned cooperative design studio in Oakland that is dedicated to “serving the Movement for social change”. He’s very lucky to be able to do what he does best (graphic design) for the people and organizations he respects the most (activists) who are working towards a better world.

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