A Sari for Ammi





Gift Giving

Indian Culture & Identity

Mamta Nainy & Sandhya Prabhat


Our narrator and her sister Sadaf watch their mother as she weaves beautiful and intricate saris for their father to sell at their market stall. Wanting her to have the nice things she makes for others, the pair decide to collect their resources and buy a colorful sari for Ammi.

The reader follows the siblings as they collect their spare change, collect scrap to sell, and think about other odd jobs they can do to make enough money to buy one of the fancy saris that Ammi makes. But will they be able to afford the one that they want?

In the back is a note about weaving and a glossary! The book is a really sweet story about good deeds and an introduction to the long history of weaving in Kaithoon, India. The story situates itself into a bustling community that works together and has a rich history, allowing the reader to be swept up into the rich colors and busy marketplace.

This book was kindly sent by Blue Slip Media, and published by Amazon Crossing Kids. All opinions are my own! t will be released on November 9th.

Mamta Nainy

Mamta Nainy is a children’s writer, editor and translator based in New Delhi. She spent some years in advertising before an apple fell on her head while she was sitting under a mango tree and she had her Eureka moment. She has been writing for children since then. She’s authored many books for children, including A Brush with Indian Art which won The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award 2019 for the Best Book (Non-fiction), and Bioscope, a picture book that featured in the IBBY Honour List 2012.

Sandhya Prabhat

Sandhya Prabhat is an Independent Animator and Illustrator based in the Bay Area, California and is from Chennai, India. She holds an MFA Degree in Animation and Digital Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from Stella Maris College.  

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