About Corrie Locke-Hardy

Corrie Locke-Hardy, founder of The Tiny Activist.

I am the founder of The Tiny Activist and a former classroom teacher dedicated to examining and working against the Eurocentric heteropatriarchy of school systems and many of the most visible books for children. I offer consulting, sensitivity readings and booklist curation to fit a variety of needs, ages, and subjects.

I hold an MA in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons University and a BA in Early Education in Inclusive Settings from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

For my master’s thesis, I focused on Anti-Bias Anti-Racist (ABAR) approaches that assist educators implement diverse literature and social justice ethics into their classroom culture. I developed curriculum and resource guides to help educators to develop ABAR classroom lessons. I also created lists of children’s books, books for adults, and recommendations for documentaries and websites that provide even more context and support.

I created TTA to provide a way to share my work and expertise to help teachers, parents, and people like you to foster an ABAR approach in your classrooms, homes, and workplaces.

“The Tiny Activist Instagram and webpage are a great source for teachers dedicated to teaching social justice! Both the website and Instagram page are loaded with resources for teachers such as book recommendations and lesson plans to incorporate intersectionality and promote culturally relevant teaching in the classroom! It’s a one-stop- shop for all!

Sarah Wells, Educator


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