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Corrie (L) & Lee (R)


We are Corrie, Alex, and Lee; passionate educators who dream of changing the way we learn about marginalized cultures. Former colleagues turned pals, we strive to empower teachers, parents, and caregivers to redefine their read alouds as the journey to unlearn and dismantle white supremacy continues.


She | They

Schemeboat Captain

An alumni of the University of Massachusetts Boston, Corrie has a Master’s degree in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons University in Boston.  Corrie is most often found on Instagram, where she posts all of the content, and really enjoys taking the pictures of the books she reviews!

Corrie is a former classroom teacher and is dedicated to examining and working against the Eurocentric heteropatriarchy of school systems and many of the most visible books for children. She has presented internationally and her formal secondary education has been focused on ABAR education and its implementation strategies in the classroom and home.


They | Them

Tech Lizard

Lee is a graduate of Smith College who previously worked in the field of education and child care for 10 years. Now they work at an organization that provides training and technical assistance to folks who work with individuals experiencing homelessness, Substance Use Disorder and/or mental illness, with a strong focus on racial equity and how intersections of identity can lead to behavioral health challenges.

They can most often be found updating TTA’s website, so that it remains fresh & informative! Lee’s mission is to be fully authentic and hopefully have a part in creating a safer world, a place where GNC (gender non-conforming) and nonbinary people are able to live out their truth.


She | Her

Biz Manager

Pictured: Alex (Middle), her wife Leah (L), and their son Connor (R).

Alex is a teacher-turned-stay-at-home-mom. She attended McGill University where she studied to be a Social Studies teacher and ended up living in Montréal for 7 years. She began her social justice education journey volunteering at the sexual assault center on campus, where she received impactful training in topics like Anti-Oppression 101, understanding power dynamics, intersectionality, and feminist praxis.

She taught at a relatively progressive independent school, developing courses like “Contemporary World History,” “20th Century US History,” and “Ethics & Religious Culture,” where she could incorporate social justice themes and counter-narratives for her students. 

After returning to Massachusetts to pursue an MBA at UMass Amherst, Alex has been eagerly seeking out ways to get back into social justice activism, recently joining a local group of parents to address the systemic inequities prevalent in their suburban Massachusetts community.

Alex is also a speaker at SpeakOut Boston and her mission is to help shape a world where her son can feel safe and proud of his two moms – and all children everywhere can feel safe and secure in their own identities.

A Bit of Our Story

Adventures in Homesteading

Graduation Day 2020

Carrying the Banner

Corrie & Lee at their wedding

(Photo by Katie Brogan Minton)

Early Days at Jamaica Pond

  • 2021:

    What will we do next?

  • May 2020:

    Corrie graduates with a masters degree in the middle of a pandemic, and both she and Lee begin to work from home…and start to build on on their own.

  • Fall 2018:

    The Tiny Activist goes live, and Corrie begins her Master’s program at Simmons University!

  • May 2018:

    Corrie graduates from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a degree in Early Childhood Education in Inclusive Settings

  • June 2016:

    Returning to Ptown, this time for our wedding, June Party in the Dunes!

  • May 2015:

    We get engaged in Provincetown, MA, the gayest town on earth.

  • October 2014:

    UHaul! We move in together, fulfilling queer stereotypes.

  • July 2014:

    Corrie & Lee meet on the archaic dating website OkCupid.

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