Amara and the Bats



Environmental Activism

BIPOC Narratives


Single-Parent Family


Pint-Sized Professor


Emma Reynolds


Amara looooves bats! She’s enamored by their fuzzy flying hamster-like bodies and flappy wings. Amara, her mom, and brother Samir love to watch them fly around at the park near their home. When the family moves to a new home, Amara is devastated to learn that the bats which used to be around their new park have disappeared. After talking to a park ranger, Amara is motivated to talk with her new classroom to see if they would be willing to help make the park more inviting to bats.

Amara and the Bats is a great story about how kids can become involved in environmental activism, and includes a slew of bat facts! Amara is a spirited and enthusiastic main character, and is also fully supported in her bat interests by her family. I really appreciate how there are real activists featured in the story, and activists of color are prominent. The story also makes the point that when creating a habitat for animals to return to, it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of waiting involved, which is so tough! In the backmatter are a bunch of bat facts and echolocation, which you all know I’m a huge fan of. This book was released yesterday, and your favorite nature-lover definitely needs to check it out!

This book was sent by Simon & Schuster after Emma was kind enough to reach out and ask if I wanted a copy!

Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds is an illustrator and author based in Manchester, UK.
Her debut author-illustrator picture book Amara and the Bats is out now with Atheneum – Simon & Schuster.
Environmental activism gets a nocturnal twist in this utterly charming picture book about a young girl and her mission to save the bats!
Emma Reynolds crafts an inspiring story about community action, perseverance, and what to do in the face of climate anxiety. At its heart, this is a story about hope and finding a place to call home.”

Passionate about storytelling and creating unique characters, Emma is the illustrator of Rescuing Mrs. Birdley written by Aaron Reynolds, out now with Simon & Schuster.

Emma started the #KidLit4Climate illustrated campaign, bringing together over 3,000 children’s illustrators and authors from over 50 countries in solidarity with the youth climate strikes.

In May 2020 she shaved her head to raise money for Bat Conservation Trust.

Emma’s favourite food is pizza. She is inspired by nature, animals, adventure, and seeing the magic in the everyday. She loves bats, cats and bears, walking in the wild and exploring the world.

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