Astronaut Training


3-7 years



Single-Parent Family

BIPOC Protagonists

Aneta Cruz & Olivia Aserr


Pressing question…do they get donuts in space? I, like many other kids, always wanted to float around in zero gravity. But hang out on the ISS? Not without donuts, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable stance. This story is really adorable, and follows Astrid and her strict self-imposed astronaut training regimen.

After a grueling day of training, (and a stressful day of heading off training disasters by her father), Astrid feels like she’s ready for a space mission. Astrid’s dad convinces her to take the night off (after all, she has her bonnet on and everything) and pick up training in the morning. Astrid dreams of visiting other planets but things go terribly wrong!

Astrid is an adorable narrator, and she imbues passion into whatever she does. Her harried father narrowly heads off disaster time and time again, but in the end they figure out what astronaut training activities work best for both of them. Astronaut Training is an incredibly sweet book, and it focuses on Astrid’s career aspirations and creativity rather than any real-world stressors. It’s an excellent example of BIPOC Joy and reflects single-parent families as well.

This book was kindly sent by Boyds Mills & Kane, but all opinions are my own.

Aneta Cruz

Award-winning author, Aneta Cruz was born and raised in the Czech Republic. She spent most of her childhood hiding in the library because her friends called her a liar. In her defense, she was only “telling stories.” There, Cruz fell in love with books and vowed to become an author. She’d heard that dreams come true in America, so she packed her suitcase and got on the plane shortly after her twentieth birthday. Since then Cruz has earned a BA in English Literature, MFA in Creative Writing, and published a-Muse-me[a]nt, a Collection of Poetry and Prose.

Olivia Aserr

Olivia Aserr is a half Egyptian, half Irish American illustrator. She is currently a background painter on Disney’s The Ghost and Molly McGee and a children’s illustrator living in Los Angeles. Olivia is passionate about telling stories that are fantastical and diverse.

In her free time, Olivia swing dances all over Los Angeles and the rest of the world, and loves to bake and hike with her dog, Bonnibel.

Olivia is interested in picture books, chapter books, and cover projects.

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