Better Together, Cinderella: A Big Sister Fairy Tale






Ashley Franklin, Ebony Glenn, & Saba Joshaghani


Not Quite Snow White is such a sweet story, and now the duo behind it (plus a guest illustrator) has a new release that’s out now! Tameika is now big sister to TWINS! Double the fun, right? Maybe not…

Tameika wants to be the best sister, but nothing is going right! Her siblings don’t seem to appreciate anything she tries to do for them, and her parents are so busy taking care of the babies that they have less time for Tameika. When a neighborhood event seems like the perfect way to reconnect, Tameika makes a plan…but will it work out the way she wants?

Tameika is a sweetheart, and I totally understand her frustration when what she expected to happen doesn’t go as she planned. She feels sabotaged and forgotten. And I totally get how dirty diapers can feel like a personal attack, honestly. Luckily, Tameika’s Uncle Derrick knows her well and knows how to reframe the dashed hopes at being the best sister. Anyone that has been caught off guard by the reality of a new infant sibling can identify with Tameika. I think this story will resonate with readers of any age, and could be used as a preparation for older sibling whose caregivers are about to add some new members to the family!

This book was kindly sent by Harper Kids, but all opinions are my own!

Ashley Franklin

Ashley Franklin is a professional chaser—of ideas, dreams, and, most often, her kids. She is the author of Not Quite Snow White and a contributor to Once Upon an Eid, a collection of brilliant Muslim voices and stories. Ashley lives in Arkansas with her husband, Michael, and her children, Bilal and Mikhail.

Ebony Glenn

Ebony Glenn is an Atlanta-based illustrator who enjoys bringing stories to life with whimsical illustrations. Ebony is the illustrator of Mommy’s Khimar, written by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow; Speak Up, written by Miranda Paul; Flying High and Brave Ballerina, written by Michelle Meadows; and Red Shoes written by Karen English.

Saba Joshaghani

From Saba’s website: “My name is Saba, I am an illustrator and storyteller and for that, I design lots of characters for my stories. I am a constant doodler and when I finally stole my partner’s iPad, it eased my doodler’s life. I now have my very own iPad on which you will find me constantly brainstorming.

I never carried a proper sketchbook because I never felt it was an appropriate place for my sketches. Actually, I feel the same way about having a website, it doesn’t feel like a suitable home for my work. It’s too deliberate and final and when I clean up my doodles, if I am not careful, they can become a bucket of disappointment. So my friend, this website aims to satisfy those who love websites. My real home is Instagram where you can find me in all of my spontaneous glory! Just click on the top-right icon here. 

Besides visual arts, I love food so I cook, braise, and bake. Pretty gluten intolerant here, but I do bake excellent sourdough with my yeast prisoners! I love traveling and exploring new cultures and this is complimented by my desire to study visual art. Music is also a big part of my life. I do not know enough about music to sit down and analyze it, but I am a champion listener!  Well, if you need bread just send me an email.

And of course, if you have a story to tell…”

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