Book Savvy

Corrie Locke-Hardy with some books

Here’s what we we look for in kid lit

Here are some of the areas that guide our picture book selections and reviews. We look for books that share age-appropriate depictions of the authentic lived experiences of historical and contemporary figures of color, same-sex parents, disabled and neurodiverse people.

  • Neurodiversity
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Disability
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Indigenous Voices
  • Latinx Experience


Neurodiversity reflects the differences in the way people‚Äôs brains work, acknowledges that there is no “correct” brain pathway, and embraces the wide range of perceptions, responses, and approaches to learning and being in the world. Neurodiversity awareness helps to reduces the stigma for people with autism, ADHD, and learning disorders.

Black Lives Matter

By embracing the Black Lives Matter social and political movement in our reading selections, we seek to undermine racism, discrimination, and racial inequality experienced by Black people in the hopes of building a foundation of justice, healing, and true equality for Black people and within society.


Gender roles are culturally influenced stereotypes that generate expectations around appropriate behavior for males and females. Children start to understand gender roles as young as age four. Books play an important role in gender socialization, and we look for books that offer a range of gender roles and behaviors, avoid binary or rigid  characters, and celebrate difference.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning focuses on developing and using skills, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, that help support healthy grown and positive relationships.

Indigenous Voices

We look for books that to honor the rich traditions of Indigenous peoples and provide a window into the contemporary reality of Native Americans & other First Nations people around the globe.

Latinx Experience

The Hispanic/Latinx community is complex and rich, and we look for books that showcase and celebrate Latinx experience, culture, and identity.


One in four adults in the United States have some sort of disability. We look for books that offer include disability awareness and help children gain empathy about people with disabilities and fosters the importance of inclusivity.