Buen Provecho & Jaguars and Butterflies

English (Spanish version of J&B also available, as well as Indigenous Mexican languages!)


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You folks may remember the event I did with Ericka Sanchez this past summer, (click here to watch the recording!) and she has another new cookbook out already! Buen Provecho is packed full of Mexican recipes, and the ones that I made today were SO good. The besitos de nuez instigated a cookie eating competition (the cinnamon sugar ones were the best in my opinion, but I’m not about to be out here turning down any cookies)in our house, but I saved some dough because I think it would make a good tart shell.

The other recipe that was a massive dinner hit in our house were the tortitas! I made a roasted garlic crema to accompany them instead of ketchup (sorry I have a very anti-ketchup life stance) and we had them with some elote.

What better picture book to accompany a celebration of Mexican recipes than a phenomenally beautiful story that empowers Mexican women to bask in their own beauty and culture? Author Catherine Russler’s text pairs beautifully with Ely Ely’s illustrations as cultural nods are sprinkled throughout this piece. I’m thrilled to see so many tones of melanin represented, and some illustrations have nods to Afro-Indigenous folks as well. The color palette is bright and celebratory, I can’t get enough of it! The words are affirming and instill self-confidence, a fantastic reflection for so many children.

I bought Jaguars and Butterflies myself, but it’s a contender for the #Bookstagang_BestOf2021 List!

Buen Provecho was kindly sent by Familius. They’re currently having a November sale for 30% off of all cookbooks, in case you’re looking for gifts.

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