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Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Flying Paintings: The Zhou Brothers: A Story of Revolution and Art

What I Like Most

David Jumps In

Written by: Alan Woo Illustrated by: Katty Maurey For ages: 4-7 years Language: English Topics Covered: History, Games, Friendship, Social-Emotional Learning, Moving, New School, Own Voices. Summary:  It’s David’s first day at a brand new school and he’s feeling a little anxious about making friends.  The book follows… Continue Reading “David Jumps In”

Thukpa for All

Written by: Praba Ram & Sheela Preuitt Illustrated by: Shilpa Ranade For ages: 4-8 years Language: English & some Tibetan  Topics Covered: Friendship, Community, Disability, Cooking, Family, Global Community, Problem-Solving, Tibet, Ladakh Region. Summary: Tsering, our main character, is walking home.  He is excited to eat some delicious thukpa, a hearty… Continue Reading “Thukpa for All”

Piece by Piece

Topics Covered: Family, Asian-American Experience, Chinese-American Identity, History, Historical Architecture, Museums, Social-Emotional Learning, Own Voices.  Summary:  This book is about Emmy, and the strong relationship she has with her grandmother Nainai who lives in China.  Nainai comes to visit during the summer, and the special activity the… Continue Reading “Piece by Piece”

Canadian Women: Now + Then

Written by: Elizabeth MacLeod Illustrated by: Maïa Faddoul For ages: 8 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: History, Biography, Canadian Women, Indigenous Voices, First Nations, Women in STEM, Women in Sports, Feminism, Journalism.  Summary:  Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a fantastic day to honor those past and… Continue Reading “Canadian Women: Now + Then”

Family is a Superpower

Written by: Michael Dahl Illustrated by: Omar Lozano For ages: 4 years and up Language: English  Topics Covered: Family, Superhero, Love, Kindness, Compassion, Education, Strength, Global Community, LGBTQ Families. Summary: This book embodies the third characteristic we wish to take into 2020: Family (Chosen and/or Biological)! This book pairs superhero… Continue Reading “Family is a Superpower”

My Footprints

Written by: Bao Phi Illustrated by: Basia Tran For ages: 3 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: Imagination, LGBTQ Families, Bullying, Xenophobia, Family, Love, LGBTQ, Growing Up, Girls Outdoors. Summary:  My Footprints is a lovely book that tackles some tough subjects. Thuy, our main character, is walking home from… Continue Reading “My Footprints”

Front Desk

Written by: Kelly Yang Cover Art by: Maike Plenzke For ages: Middle Grades YA Book Language: English, slight Mandarin. Topics Covered: Immigration, Racism, Friendship, Family, Growing Up. Summary: Mia Tang and her parents emigrated from China two years before the book begins.  When the book begins, it is summertime in… Continue Reading “Front Desk”

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