sunday rain: review & giveaway!

Elliot has buried himself in a book on a rainy Sunday afternoon (I can relate to this) and is enthralled in the princess fighting the dragon. Eventually, his mother suggests that he go outside and play in the puddles while she unpacks boxes from their recent move. Elliot is a little nervous to try and make friends, but he goes outside hoping for a big adventure.

jump at the sun: the true life tale of unstoppable storycatcher zora neale hurston

english 4-8 years historical figure writers self-empowerment Alicia D. Williams & Jacqueline Alcántara summary: This gorgeous book goes into detail about the life of writer Zora Neale Hurston, who bounded from adventure to adventure and found notoriety in writing along the way. I love the way the illustrations convey movement and joy, always showing Zora…

the old truck

English 4-8 years BIPOC Protagonists Girls Outdoors Farming Generational Agriculture Automobile Restoration Jarrett & Jerome Pumphrey Summary: This book is gorgeous, and the illustrations were made by the brotherly creator duo Jarrett and Jerome with over 250 handmade stamps! The book tells the story of an old truck. It doesn’t really move after awhile, but…

a dark and hollow star

The ease with which Shuttleworth infuses the existing mythology and lore with nonbinary characters and frank discussions of the trauma inherent in growing up with a marginalized identity is striking.

some women in stem you need to know!

This March, I decided to do a few roundups of biographies (arguably my favorite genre) of people not all of us learned about in school (I sure didn’t).

Antiracism: An Introduction

English YA & Up Politics History White Supremacy Antiracism Alex Zamalin Summary: I bought this book a few months ago, for a very specific reason. You see, last summer, when all the protests were taking place, I was thrilled. Beyond elated that people seemed to finally care what I had devoted my academic career to….

Together We March: 25 Protest Movements that Marched into History

English 7 years & up History Historical Figures Activism Social Justice Education Environmental Activism Global Community Leah Henderson & Tyler Feder Summary: For #sweetsandsocialjustice this week, I’m so excited to share my thoughts on Together We March! This anthology weaves together historical movements throughout history. I really appreciate how author Leah Henderson places each event…

Mental Health & Body Positivity

English MG & Up Mental health Body positivity Self-esteem Reflection activities See each book Summary: Both of these books are wonderful! They work beautifully together, so I decided to do a double review and talk about the important of mental health, emotional wellbeing, self-esteem, and body positivity. Body Positive by Emily Lauren Dick is a…