This Book is Feminist

English MG & Up Feminism Activism Self-Esteem Community Action Intersectionality Self-Reflection Jamia Wilson & Aurélia Durand summary If I told you that I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book since I first saw the cover reveal, you would have no trouble believing me. I feel like I’ve been dreaming of a book like this for years….

Blood Like Magic

English YA Fantasy Magic Witches Black Culture & Identity Community CW: Blood, Sacrifice, Violence Liselle Sambury summary When you see this title, know that blood is very prevalent within the book. It’s the root of all magic, and used with intent for spells. It also denotes when a witch can be Called by ancestors and…

Red Moon Gang: An Inclusive Guide to Periods

English MG & Up Bodies Menstruation Nonfiction Global Community Tara Costello & Mary Purdie summary This book is awesome! All sorts of humans menstruate, NOT just women. I really appreciate how this book focuses on cold, hard, facts that aim to destigmatize and open up conversations about periods and menstruation into the open instead of…

Salma the Syrian Chef

English & Arabic 4-8 years Immigration Refugee Stories Community Chosen Family Cooking Danny Ramadan & Anna Bron Summary: For #TheFictionFeast this month, I wanted to highlight a book that hits a lot of important details that I look for in a story. Main character Salma from Salma the Syrian Chef looks to a mixed refugee…

What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns

English 4 years & up Identity Pronouns Family Self-Advocacy Community Respect Gender Identity Katherine Locke & Anne Passchier summary: This book is sheer perfection. What Are Your Words? is the perfect book for classrooms to teach about how to ask someone else’s pronouns, and it’s a beautiful guide to help those who have shifting pronouns…

Queer (Words of Change Series): Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas

English 12 & Up LGBTQ Experiences Activism Quote Collection Inspiration Coco Romack summary The newest edition of the Words of Change series is out now, and just in time for Pride month! Queer is a small volume that includes photos and quotes from LGBTQ activists, and embodies the spirit of rebellion within the queer community….

The Bare Naked Book

English 4 years & up Bodies Body Diversity Terminology Acceptance Celebration Kathy Stinson & Melissa Cho summary The Bare Naked Book was originally published in the 1980’s, and got a massive glow-up this year! The illustrations by Melissa Cho are terrifically diverse and beautiful. Seriously, there are rarely, if ever, characters in books that have…

Rainbow Revolutions: Power, Pride, and Protest in the Fight for Queer Rights

English 12+ LGBTQIA+ Community History Historical Figures Queer Lived Experiences Protest Activism Advocacy Jamie Lawson & Eve Lloyd Knight summary For #SweetsAndSocialJustice this week, I went all out and made a mountain of frosting (I’m always convinced I’m going to run out) and it culminated in what I described to those I shared it with…

a dark and hollow star

The ease with which Shuttleworth infuses the existing mythology and lore with nonbinary characters and frank discussions of the trauma inherent in growing up with a marginalized identity is striking.

love in the wild

Ok, buckle up, I’m sharing a book about animals. A board book that reinforces the phrase “love is love” to be exact. Gay penguins? Yes. Lady cheetahs courting? Gotcha covered. Bighorn sheep falling in love? You betcha.