Sweet & Bitter Magic

english MG & Up fantasy witchcraft LGBTQ+ relationships magic adventure Adrienne Tooley summary This is a great fantasy novel with LGBTQ relationships (normalized throughout the society), and most importantly, the strife experienced doesn’t come from homophobia but from dark magic. Tamsin is an incredibly powerful witch, but was banished for using dark magic to save…

a dark and hollow star

The ease with which Shuttleworth infuses the existing mythology and lore with nonbinary characters and frank discussions of the trauma inherent in growing up with a marginalized identity is striking.

love in the wild

Ok, buckle up, I’m sharing a book about animals. A board book that reinforces the phrase “love is love” to be exact. Gay penguins? Yes. Lady cheetahs courting? Gotcha covered. Bighorn sheep falling in love? You betcha.

sylvia and marsha start a revolution!

For #sweetsandsocialjustice this week I experimented with tahini again, this time adding it to chocolate chip cookies! There might not be a clear connection between the cookies and the book, except that my love for Sylvia, Marsha, and cookies knows no bounds.

Little People Big Dreams Musician Roundup: Aretha, Prince, & Elton.

Written & Illustrated by:  Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara Illustrators: Amy Blackwell (Aretha) Cachetejack (Prince) Sophie Beer (Elton) For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Historical Figures Women in Music Musicians Trailblazers Black Culture & Identity   Summary: Nobody can deny that the Little People Big Dreams series has been an international sensation, and with good reason….

Julián at the Wedding

Written & Illustrated by: Jessica Love For Ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Sequels, Latinx Family, BIPOC Protagonists, Weddings, LGBTQ Relationships, Love, Friendship. Summary: Julián is back, this time in a wedding! Julián and his friend Marisol have important jobs in the ceremony, and have been given fancy outfits to go with it. Afterwards,…

What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book

Written By: Laleña Garcia Illustrated by: Caryn Davidson For Ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: Black Culture & Identity, Black Lives Matter, Activism, Equity, Self-Esteem, Advocacy, LGBTQ Affirmation, Community. Summary: Folx, when I opened up a surprise package from Lee and Low with this workbook in it, I think I actually shrieked…

Sewing the Rainbow

Written By: Gayle E. Pitman Illustrated by: Holly Clifton-Brown For Ages: 5 and up (mention of military and illustrations of guns) Language: English Topics Covered: LGBTQ History, Pacifism, Pride Flag, Historical Figure. Summary: This story tells the life of Gilbert Baker, the man who sewed the first rainbow Pride flag for the LGBTQ community. For…

These Violent Delights

Written By: Chloe Gong For Ages: YA (CW: Gun violence, gore, kissing, gangs) Language: Majority English, some Chinese & Russian. Topics Covered: Romeo & Juliet Retelling, Communism, China, Gangsters, Fantasy, Monsters, Historical Fiction. Summary: I think all of us have had to read Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare in school, but none of us have…

Beetle & The Hollowbones

Written & Illustrated by: Aliza Layne For Ages: MG & YA (graphic novel) Language: English Topics Covered: Witchcraft, Non-Binary Identity, Graphic Novels, Friendship, LGBTQ, Magic. Summary: Spooky fantasy graphic novel with LGBTQ representation for middle grades? Sign me up! Beetle is a goblin being homeschooled by her grandmother in magic. Beetle’s best friend is Blob…