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Interview with Kwame Alexander: Becoming Muhammad Ali

Interview Transcript: C: Hi everyone! This is Corrie from @thetinyactivists and today I have the pleasure of speaking with author Kwame Alexander about his upcoming book “Becoming Muhammad Ali” and that is actually going to be available on October 5th. So we were gonna… Continue Reading “Interview with Kwame Alexander: Becoming Muhammad Ali”

Go, Bikes, Go!

Be Your Best Self: Life Skills for Unstoppable Kids

American as Paneer Pie [released June 9th 2020]

Written by: Supriya Kelkar Cover Art by: Abigail Dela Cruz For ages: YA Middle Grades and up Language: English  Topics Covered: Racism, Indian Culture, Indian-American Families, Growing Up, Fitting In, Own Voices, Immigration. Summary:  11 year old Lekha just wants to fit into her Detroit suburb, to not be teased… Continue Reading “American as Paneer Pie [released June 9th 2020]”

David Jumps In

Written by: Alan Woo Illustrated by: Katty Maurey For ages: 4-7 years Language: English Topics Covered: History, Games, Friendship, Social-Emotional Learning, Moving, New School, Own Voices. Summary:  It’s David’s first day at a brand new school and he’s feeling a little anxious about making friends.  The book follows… Continue Reading “David Jumps In”


Written by: Jason Reynolds Cover Art by: Vanessa Brantley Newton For ages: YA Middle Grades (mention of maternal death) Language: English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Growing Up, Sports, Black Culture & Identity, Track & Field, Dance, Single Parenthood, Friendship, Homeschooling, Resilience, Own Voices.  Summary: This is the third in Jason Reynolds’ Track… Continue Reading “Sunny”

Muslim Girls Rise

Written by: Saira Mir Illustrated by: Aaliya Jaleel For ages: 8-13 years Language: English Topics Covered: Muslim Women, Trailblazers, Historical Figures, Self-Empowerment, Feminism, Sports, Culture & Identity, Global Community, Own Voices.  Summary:  This book is a lovely book, almost anthology-like, of 18 Muslim girls (and women) that are changing… Continue Reading “Muslim Girls Rise”

Mae Among the Stars

Written by: Roda Ahmed Illustrated by: Stasia Burrington For ages: 3-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Women in STEM, Own Voices, Historical Figure, Historical Events, Mae Jemison, Women in Science, Goals, Dream, Self-Esteem. Summary:  This is an adorable story that follows young Mae Jemison from childhood to when… Continue Reading “Mae Among the Stars”

Canadian Women: Now + Then

Written by: Elizabeth MacLeod Illustrated by: Maïa Faddoul For ages: 8 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: History, Biography, Canadian Women, Indigenous Voices, First Nations, Women in STEM, Women in Sports, Feminism, Journalism.  Summary:  Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a fantastic day to honor those past and… Continue Reading “Canadian Women: Now + Then”

The Brave Cyclist: The True Story of a Holocaust Hero

Written by: Amalia Hoffman Illustrated by: Chiara Fedele For ages: 8-12 years old Language: English and some Italian Topics Covered: Judaism, WWII, Holocaust, Activism, Global Community, Historical Events, Historic Figure, Sports, Cycling.  Summary: Gino Bartali was a small and sickly child, but he loved riding a bicycle more than anything else.… Continue Reading “The Brave Cyclist: The True Story of a Holocaust Hero”

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