Child of Galaxies

Written by: Blake Nuto

Illustrated by: Charlotte Ager

For ages: 4 years and up

Language: English

Topics Covered: Social-Emotional Learning, Growing Up, Mindfulness.


I knew I would love this book when the opening line is referencing my favorite quote from Carl Sagan! Child of Galaxies is breathtakingly gorgeous in its lyrical wording and brilliantly designed artwork. Speaking directly to the reader, the author explains big concepts like our place in the universe and the abstractness of feeling overwhelmed and mindfulness.

The beautiful wording of this book makes the reader feel simultaneously big and small within the universe. The illustrations are brilliantly done, and showcase a diverse array of individuals and families throughout all of the pages. Having no central character sounds like it would make a plot fall flat, but this story pulls the reader in and makes them the central character in the story, much like how we are all the protagonist in our own lives. In the vastness of the universe, which can indeed be overwhelming to consider sometimes, also allows us to have the freedom to explore with confidence. The illustrations, whimsical at times, showing people walking on planets and hanging on stars as masters of their own universe. This book can open up a wide variety of conversations about the tangible and intangible, a quality that I really love in a book. It’s impossible to choose a favorite part of this book, the entirety of it works together in perfect harmony to create a cohesive and stunning piece of poetic philosophy.

Flying Eye Books was kind enough to send us this book, but all opinions are our own!

About the Author & the Illustrator:

Blake Nuto is a primary trained teacher with a deep love of children’s literature and a desire to integrate philosophy and mindfulness into education. This is his first book. He currently lives and works in Tasmania.

Charlotte Ager is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK. She loves that drawing has the ability to be moving and soft but also utterly silly. Her clients include the New York times, Penguin Random House,, Faber, DK, British Council and Harper Collins, among others.

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