Written & Illustrated by: Jeannie Baker

For ages: 4 years and up

Language: English

Topics Covered: Health, Recovery, Migration, Natural World, Accessibility, Environmental Activism. 

Summary: This book covers both the healing of the main character (a young child) with the migration of godwit birds, which are often seen in Australia.  The setup of this book is unique, teaching both about recovery and the environment.  The collages are designed on the page in such a way that the reader feels like a flying godwit, seeing the changing patterns of earth from high in the sky.  It is refreshing to see on one of the first pages a disabled child, who are often not the main characters in stories, particularly seen in an active way (the child is seen on the beach multiple times!).

This book teaches also about the migration of birds, and the changing world we live in today.  Protecting our natural resources is crucial for a healthy world, and Baker makes it accessible as well as beautiful with her collages.

About the Author & Illustrator:

jeannie-home-welcomeJeannie Baker is the artist and illustrator for Circle.  She works primarily in collage, which means her art takes longer than a typical drawing or painting might take!

Here is a link that has Frequently Asked Questions about her artistic process and idea development!

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