Climate Justice for the Whole Family


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I’ve been described as a “militant recycler” before, a title that I wear proudly. But recycling is just the bare minimum of what we should be doing for our earth. Climate justice is for the whole family, and citizens need to hold corporations accountable as well as politicians to ensure that they’re putting forth legislation that has sustainability and the environment’s best interests.

Board Books about Recycling:

Go Go Tin Can & Go Go Apple:

These board books are poised to teach even the smallest of tiny humans how to take care of our environment, and what happens to our waste and recycling after it leaves our hands. The illustrations have lots of cool gears as well as typography worked into the illustrations.

Both of these board books were created by Claire Philip & Steven Wood and were sent by Sunbird Books as well as contenders for the #Bookstagang_BestOf2021 list!

Picture Books:

Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Oceans

Have you ever heard of the time that thousands of ducks fell out of a shipping container and washed up all over the globe? This book’s narrator, a rubber duck, tells the journey from factory to oceanic journey and all of the trash that they see along the way. Filled with information and backmatter about the ocean’s litter.

Sent by Candlewick Press and created by Markus Motum

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

This book got an illustrated glow-up this year, and I love it! This narrative story is filled with tips about how to live a more sustainable life daily, as well as some more tips in the back!

Sent by Sourcebooks Kids and created by Rana DiOrio & Addy Rivera Sonda

For Readers MG & Up:

Palm Trees at the North Pole

This book goes into great detail about all different aspects of climate change. From talking about discovering greenhouse gases to disappearing islands. There are lovely illustrations worked in, around, and behind the text!

Sent by Greystone Kids and created by Marc ter Horst & Wendy Panders

Stories for Kids Who Want to Save the World

This book pairs beautifully with the other books above, and focuses on real kids who are doing the work everyday to help offset climate change. It goes into much more detail about specific people working on different aspects of the climate crisis. This book will be released November 30th!

Sent by Triangle Square, created by Carola Benedetto, Luciana Ciliento, & Roberta Maddalena Bireau.

Climate Action: The Future is in Our Hands

This oversized book is filled with large illustrations and small tidbits of information about the global climate crisis. It also profiles young climate activists, interspersed throughout the book.

Published by 360 degrees and sent by Publisher Spotlight. Created by Georgina Stevens & Katie Rewse.

These books were all kindly sent by the publishers linked above, but all opinions and decisions to pair are my own.

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