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Founded in 2019 by Alessandra Requena, the Bookstagang Picture Book Guild exists to connect social media influencers who include picture book content in their regular work.

The Bookstagang Guild helps members flourish professionally and socially. We collaborate on events, share opportunities, provide support and resource to reviewers, and set industry standards in regards to publisher and author relations and expectations.

Together, we maintain the integrity of the picture book reviewing community.

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Bookstagang Podcast

What do friends on the internet do when there’s a pandemic?

Start a podcast, obviously. Although currently on hiatus before Season 3 begins, you can check out some recent episodes on your favorite streaming platform! 

We invite you to join us while we discuss amazing books and issues in children’s literature, as well as early literacy, education, and parenting as it relates to reading.

We can’t wait to dig in deep and get nerdy about picture books with you!

KidzSmart Communications

Rabia Khokhar

I believe in that it is very important to ensure the accessibility of learning and information and so my practice is focused on bringing theory to practice in the classroom/learning space.

Rabia Khokhar, MEd, is an educator and consultant. Rabia and I have written a curriculum book that focuses on the 4 pillars of social justice education & incorporating ABAR into inquiry-based learning projects. We have collaborated on a series of Book Boxes, and on this Deeper Dive poster, which is available for free download!

LaTrice Lyle

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Committed to dismantling white supremacy culture in schools and developing and sustaining equitable classrooms, schools, and systems for Black and Brown children by implementing project-based learning through a culturally relevant lens.”

LaTrice Lyle, MEd, is the CEO/EO of EDquity Consulting. We collaborated on a set of Black History Month Book Boxes.