Conflict in Georgia Over Russian Occupation

This is a different sort of post than we usually do, but we felt it was important to share some information that we have been learning about recently. This morning, one of our followers that lives in Georgia reached out to us about things that had been taking place in their city that they felt the world didn’t know about. They explained a bit about the Russian occupation of Georgia and the protests that have been taking place. The featured photo is a screenshot of an article we found helpful, and the link to it is down below after the photos. The following photos were sent to us by our Georgian follower. Apologies for the quality, the photos we got were crystal clear but I can’t seem to make the post photos look as good as the originals. We urge everyone to become educated about the various situations of unrest that are currently happening around the globe, and to stand up for injustice.









Here is the Al Jazeera article mentioned above!

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