Corrie was on Once Upon a Tech!

Happy Wednesday folx!  Today, I (Corrie) had the privilege of being on a really rad podcast called Once Upon a Tech!  If you’ve been following for awhile, you might recognize one of the hosts Ms. Fitz, from one of our Sound-Off Saturday’s last year.  The Morning Meeting series that I was a guest on are quick 15-minute episodes, and includes a list of resources at the end.  If you have some time, please check it out! We talked about the mission behind the website, our beautiful online community, and why it’s important to learn as much as we can.  I had so much fun, and they’re a lovely bunch of humans!

You can listen to the episode Corrie was on here!

A bit more about the podcast creators:

kimsarah-2copy-1_origSarah FitzHenry, aka Ms. Fitz, is a K-8 librarian and founder of Fitz Between the Shelves. She believes that libraries should be technology, research and innovation hubs designed by and for students. Find Sarah on Instagram at @fitzbetweentheshelves.

Kim Wilkens, aka Miss-Bit, is a K-8 computer science educator and founder of Tech-Girls. She is passionate about transforming technology users into creators, collaborators and activists. Find Kim on Twitter at @MissBitBytes.

You can find more episodes of the podcast itself here.

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