Dictionary of Dinosaurs

Edited by: Dr. Matthew G Baron

Illustrated by: Dieter Braun

For ages: Any age!

Language: English

Topics Covered: STEM, Natural World, Paleontology, Dinosaurs.

Summary: From an Aardonyx to a Zuniceratops, read about when dinosaurs lived, where they lived, what they ate and so much more!  This book is incredibly comprehensive, and includes such incredible illustrations by Dieter Braun.  His artistic style is similar to Owen Davies, and we can’t get enough of either!  This book includes every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered.  The hardcover edition is hefty, but not too big.  It has a lovely color scheme and makes learning about these prehistoric friends easy and engaging.  Almost every kid has a dinosaur phase, and some (us, for instance) carry that interest and hobby into adulthood.  Corrie bought this for herself as a treat one day, after finishing exams.  This dictionary has duration and appeals to a huge audience and wide variety of ages.  It will be sticking around on our shelves for years to come!

About the Editor & the Illustrator:

s200_matthew.baronDr Matthew Grant Baron is a Cambridge and London based early career researcher in Palaeontology, specialising in dinosaur evolution, anatomy, taxonomy and systematics. His current focus is the origin and early radiation of the Ornithischia.

Dr Matthew G. Baron works alongside Dr David B. Norman (Cambridge) and Prof. Paul M. Barrett (London).

31088Dieter Braun is the illustrator of this awesome book! Dieter Braun regularly travels to Africa and Australia to observe the local wildlife in its natural habitat. His digitally rendered animal illustrations are also influenced by the children’s books, and vintage and Japanese design books he collects. The Hamburg-based artist has been commissioned by Time, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and The Wall Street Journal, and has written his own children book entitled The World of Wild Animals.

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