Discovering Energy

Created By: Eduard Altarriba, Johannes Hirn, Veronica Sanz

For Ages: 8-12 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: STEM, Pint-Sized Professor, History, Historical Figures, Inventing, Physics, Growth Mindset.


Discovering Energy is a really neat book that teaches about the different types of energy, as well as the history of humanity’s use of it! Starting with the importance of the sun’s energy, the reader moves through time to understand how energy from elements (like wind, water, and animals) eventually led to the study of mathematics, astronomy, and so much more.

Throughout history, inventions such as blacksmithing, the steam engine, and even bicycles have helped scientists and non-scientists alike become more productive and unlock more secrets of energy transference. It also addresses how some practices, like coal burning, might have been helpful at first but is a major contributor to climate change and pollution. Discovering Energy covers a huge amount in just under 50 pages, and the plethora of illustrations allow for greater understanding from the reader. I appreciate the emphasis on sustainable energy usage, and options that are becoming more affordable and attainable for the average citizen to use in their homes, like solar panels. This book (and the entire series, which we’ll be reviewing more of soon) is an engaging way to talk about complex topics with elementary school students, and a wonderful use of shelf space.

This book was kindly sent to us by Button Books, an imprint of GMC Publications. However, all opinions and failed inventions are solely our own! Follow the link HERE to watch the book trailer for Discovering Energy!

Eduard Altarriba, Johannes Hirn, Veronica Sanz

Verónica Sanz is Professor of Physics at the University of Sussex, UK. She has worked at Harvard, Yale, Boston and Durham universities, as well as her hometown university in Valencia, Spain. She was a Fulbright fellow at Harvard and Marie Curie fellow at Yale and she has been awarded a Large Hadron Collider-Theory initiative prize.

Eduard Altarriba is a graphic designer and illustrator. He runs Alababalà, a Barcelona-based independent studio producing games, exhibitions, animation, apps and workbooks for children that are practical and fun. He also illustrated My First Book of Relativity and My First of Quantum Physics. My First Book of Quantum Physics was the 2018 winner of the British Book Design and Production Awards in the Educational Books Category as well as the silver winner of the Junior Design Awards in Junior Magazine.

Johannes Hirn has a degree in engineering, a PhD in physics and an MSc in scientific journalism. He loves to understand and explain the world around us and is now a science teacher.

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