Fanatical About Frogs

Written & Illustrated by: Owen Davey

For ages: any age

Language: English

Topics Covered: STEM, Nature, Conservation, Natural World.

Summary: This is the latest installment of Owen Davey’s animal series, and I bet if you’ve been reading our book reviews for a bit you can guess what we think about it.  Davey has written & illustrated books in this series about beetles, sharks, monkeys, and cats!

I’ll give you a hint: it starts with L and ends with -OVE!  Davey has the incredible ability to give readers a huge amount of information but not have an overwhelming amount of text.  Inside the book, the reader learns all about amphibian attributes and adaptations like specialized skin and feet since so much time is spent in the water!

Something we really like about this particular book is that on some pages Davey has done life-size drawings of different species of frogs!  There are all types of really cool frogs inside this book, and there is a wide range of topics covered.  At the back are the few pages that make the series special too-a part about different mythology surrounding the animal as well as conservation efforts.

This book was sent by Flying Eye Books for consideration of the Best Books of 2019 event that we are participating in, and we could not be more grateful.  However, all opinions remain our own!

About the Author & Illustrator:

owen-2Owen Davey is an award-winning Illustrator, living & working in Leicester, UK. He has a First Class BA(Hons) Degree in Illustration from Falmouth University. Davey is a primary Illustrator for TwoDots which has been #1 in over 70 countries, as well as the illustrator of iPad App of the Year 2015 game, The Robot Factory.  His work has been published in every continent except Antarctica, including picture books in UK, America, Australia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, China, Sweden, Russia & South Korea!

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