Written & Illustrated by: Brendan Kearney

For Ages: 4-8 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: Ocean, Environmental Activism, Litter, Pint-Sized Professor.

Summary: Finn is a fisherman and Skip is his trusty sidekick. One day when they go out to catch some fish, the pair notices a huge amount of litter in the water. Collecting as much as they can in their tiny rowboat, they go back to shore. Coincidentally, they run into a group of people cleaning up the beach and learn more about what we can do on land to help protect the critters who live their lives in the water.

These illustrations are impossibly adorable and serves as a great introduction for young readers about the environment, sustainability, and integrating activities like picking up litter on walks and sunny afternoons.

This book was kindly sent by DK and although it is a contender for #bookstagang_bestof2020 all opinions and decision to post are my own.

Brendan Kearney

Brendan works by the sea in the Southwest of England with his little dog Crumble.

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