Gender Identity

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“Biological sex” has to do with private parts, the ones covered by a bathing suit. This is how a doctor assigns “male” or “female” to a baby that’s just been born.

A “gender identity” is how someone feels inside (a person can feel like a boy or a girl, but sometimes both or neither).

“Gender expression” is how people show the world how they feel inside. This is done through clothing, haircut, etc.

“When somebody tells you that they are a boy or a girl, you should believe them, even if they don’t look like what you think a boy or a girl looks like, because they know how they feel on the inside, and they know themselves the best”.

Think about someone who grows their hair out, or maybe cuts their hair very short. They’re still the same person they just like their hair long instead of short. It doesn’t change who they are inside, it just helps to match their outside with their inside.

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Gender Identity/Expression

Gender Spectrum’s mission is to create a gender-inclusive world for all children and youth. To accomplish this, we help families, organizations, and institutions increase understandings of gender and consider the implications that evolving views have for each of us.

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A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance was founded in 1991 to prevent the growth of hate. We began by publishing Teaching Tolerance magazine and producing films chronicling the modern civil rights movement. Today, our community includes more than 500,000 educators who read our magazine, screen our films, visit our website, participate in Mix It Up at Lunch Day, use our curriculum or participate in our social media community. We view tolerance as a way of thinking and feeling—but most importantly, of acting—that gives us peace in our individuality, respect for those unlike us, the wisdom to discern humane values and the courage to act upon them.

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Trans Student Educational Resources is the only national organization led entirely by transgender youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively.

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