For Ages: (MG) 10 & Up

Language: English

Topics Covered: History, Paranormal, Myths, Legends, Social-Emotional Learning.

Summary: Happy Halloween! It’s easily the best season all year, and today is the culmination of all things spooky. Ghostology is a book that will engage even the most reluctant of readers, and is like a macabre historical treasure hunt with two haunted pages even joined by a warning sticker that the reader must break in order to access. I was a spooky ghost-hunting kid and continue to be a spooky adult (although unfortunately not as much ghost-hunting these days).

Ghostology has flaps to discover, a spooky message to find, and envelopes with letters inside. This is a book that I would have lost my mind over as a child, and definitely stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading (which truth be told I also did that to finish it this time too). I love how it retells haunting histories in an engaging way that almost seems like a scrapbook. Scratchy writings adorn the pages, giving tips for ghosts to make the most out of their scare skills.

I share this book because I think we should be encouraging kids to read whatever interests them, in order to develop a love of reading before branching out to other genres and types of books. These books can also help readers hone their critical thinking skills and exist in the gray area of topics that often have opposing views. Are you a person that believes in ghosts? Ghostology is engaging and kept me turning the pages, wanting to know if there would be new ghostly history and glowing designs for me to learn and uncover.

This book was kindly sent by Candlewick Press, but all opinions are our own! The Ology series has a bunch of different topics, and this is the most recent one they’ve come out with.

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