Go Show the World; A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes

Written by: Wab Kinew

Illustrated by: Joe Morse

For ages: 5-9 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: Indigenous Voices, Native Heroes, Historical Events, Historical Figures, First Nations.

Summary: This book pairs beautiful illustrations with spare lyrical prose, sharing names and basic information about indigenous heroes across North America.  Kinew’s words also form the basis for a rap song highlighting the endurance and strength of these historical figures.  By learning about these figures, children of all backgrounds, particularly indigenous and First Nations, will recognize and understand their own power and potential for impacting the world.  Some individuals mentioned are Carey Price, Waneek Horn-Miller, Pegahmagabow, Jim Thorpe, and Crazy Horse.  In the back of the book is an Author’s Note, where Kinew impresses the message of understanding and celebrating the indigenous communities that exist within North America.  After the Author’s Note is a short biography about every person mentioned in the book!  Name, lifespan, tribal affiliation, and a short biography is accompanied by a beautiful illustration of the individual.

About the Author & the Illustrator:


Wab Kinew is the leader of Manitoba’s New Democratic Party. Prior to his career in politics, Kinew was a hip hop musician and broadcaster, hosting the CBC series 8th Fire and Canada Reads in 2015. As a panellist on CBC’s battle of the books, Kinew won the 2014 edition for his defence of Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda.

Kinew is the author of two books: The Reason You Walka memoir about mending his relationship with his father before his death, and Go Show the Worlda children’s picture book about Indigenous heroes throughout history.


Joe Morse’s work has been recognized with over 200 international awards. Joe’s art has been exhibited in Italy, the US and Canada and commissions have included posters, billboards, coins, apparel, books and a bus.  He is also included in Taschen’s 2 volume book, 100 Illustrators.

Joe lives in the great city of Toronto. He is currently the Coordinator of the Honours Bachelor of Illustration Program at Sheridan College in Oakville Canada.

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