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Harry Woodgate


Do you ever come across a book that you know will absolutely bring you to your knees, both with emotion and gratitude that it exists? Grandad’s Camper is that book for me. While I am extremely lucky to have older LGBTQ family members (icymi: I have the gayest family ever), we as a queer community have lost an entire generation and it shows in the lack of elder representation in picture books.

In the story, a grandchild and her Grandad are spending time together, remembering Gramps and all of the adventures that the pair used to go on when they were young. Seeing how her Grandad misses his husband, the intergenerational pair make a plan to go on a meaningful adventure together in the name of Gramps.

I really loved this story, and especially how it focuses on all of the happy memories. It isn’t based in strife or overcoming obstacles, it’s a tender story of love and grief. Grandad and Gramps had spent the majority of their lives together, and seeing their youthful photos illustrated in the book was like looking back through one of my own family’s photo albums.

This book was purchased by me, and as always opinions are my own. For #SweetsAndSocialJustice this week, I decided to make an ode to summertime but with a twist: a S’mores cake! I used my favorite coffee chocolate cake recipe, with marshmallow fluff frosting and Kinnickinnick gluten free graham crackers to make a crunchy streusel. Grandad’s Camper is the perfect embodiment of their #ShareSmoreLove campaign for July, and I may or may not be still finding reasons to go into the pantry and eat the streusel leftovers…

Harry Woodgate

Harry (they/them) is a freelance illustrator (and author) based in St Albans, UK. They work with clients across editorial, publishing and advertising sectors to create visual solutions packed with fun, bright colours and quirky characters. Harry loves using interesting shapes and exaggerated perspectives, and enjoys making work about psychology, LGBT and queer identities, and how we can protect our natural world.

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