Great Lives in Graphics Series

Series Produced by: GMC Publications

For Ages: 8-12 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: History, Historical Figures, Graphic Novels, Racism, Politics, Segregation.

Summary: This series is so cool! It combines history and an almost graphic novel layout to teach readers about different well-known figures throughout history. Currently, the set has books that teach about MLK Jr., Anne Frank, Stephen Hawking, and Cleopatra.

You humans know that I love a graphic novel to help entice reluctant readers, and especially historical ones. There’s no way history could be boring if it’s produced like this, with engaging infographics.

Stephen Hawking: I loved learning more about Stephen’s early life, and especially loved that Stephen said their neighbors thought the family was “eccentric.” My favorite people are eccentric!

Cleopatra: The “Family Feuds” pages were so helpful in tracking her family history. Since so many of them had the same names, this lays out the order and the…uh…violent incidents they got up to.

MLK Jr.: This book clearly lays out what Martin stood for, and the many ways in which segregation was harmful. However, I wished the book had discussed COINTELPRO, but I do appreciate the pages that detail how the government was surveilling the Kings heavily.

Anne Frank: Everyone has heard of Anne’s story, it’s an important look into the lives of Jewish people during WWII. I really liked the pages that talked about the resistance fighters, and how they were working against the Nazi forces.

This four book series was kindly send by Button Books, an imprint of GMC Publications. All opinions are my own, and they’re also a contender for the #bookstagang_bestof2020 in the Most Innovative Non-Fiction category, which I think they’re definitely contender for. View the book trailer (and get a sneak peek of the next 4 books that will be coming out) on YouTube here!

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