Gross Science Experiments: 60 Smelly, Scary, Silly Tests to Disgust Your Friends and Family

Written By: Emma Vanstone

For Ages: 6 years and up

Language: English

Topics Covered: STEM, Science Experiments, Pint-Sized Professor, Scientific Method, Own Voices.

Summary: This book is a really cool volume of experiments with goals to teach and gross you out at the same time! Broken down into 9 gross parts, topics like stinky smells, blood and brains, poop, and lots more putrid science awaits readers.

Something I really like about this book are all the photos of girls doing experiments! Author Emma Vanstone includes original photography of her family grossing each other out while experimenting making (plastic) bug-filled bath bombs, imitating frogs spawning using chia seeds, and making edible poo!

I think it’s super important for kids (especially girls) to have role models in STEM, and normalize liking gross stuff. It’s fun to see a family who loves science hanging out together, and they included some friends of the kids’ too, which was great to see a few kids of color also partaking in experiments. I love that Emma has several degrees in STEM fields, making her a really cool science authority and role model! I’m really excited to do some of these experiments with my younger cousins! Make sure you also check out her blog, Science Sparks.

This book was kindly sent by Page Street Kids, but all opinions are my own!

Emma Vanstone

Emma Vanstone is the founder of the blogs Science Sparks, Family Breaks with Kids and Mummy Mummy Mum. She holds a degree in microbiology and virology, and is passionate about teaching science to kids. She lives in the UK.

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