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announcing: tta’s collaboration with rabia khokar!

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weekly on thursdays

Join Corrie each Thursday to hang out and read two hand-picked picture books about social justice- ideal for kids ages 4-8!

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Cooking with Ericka Sanchez!

If you missed out on the live event, not to worry!

Check it out and make these delicious recipes at your convenience!

Gender, Society, and the Binary: a two part event

Do you have questions about how society impacts how we develop gender identity? What about gender stereotypes? Who even decided that there are just “men” and “women” anyway? This two-part event series will go in-depth about these topics and more!

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Session 1: Wednesday, April 7th 8:00 – 9:30pm ESt

Session 1 covers topics such as vocabulary, how gender stereotype reinforcement impacts children, and how language develops to encompass different identities (as well as more). This event could be described as an introductory session to all of these topics.

session 2: Wednesday, April 14th 8:00 – 9:30pm ESt

Session 2 is co-hosted by my brilliant friend Matisse DuPont, and will be more focused on Gender Theory as well as practical application for everyday life. Topics included will be about how colonization impacted the gender binary we have today, how society operates within the binary, and how gender neutral schooling isn’t as new of an idea as naysayers would have you believe.

Little Yogi Deck Event

March 26th , 2021 02:30 PM EST

Crystal McCreary is a former elementary school teacher and has taught yoga and mindfulness since 2007. She is committed to creating and holding safe spaces for people to connect, heal, learn, and build resilience and equity in a world that often takes relentless hold of our bodies, minds, and hearts. Crystal supports organizations, individuals and groups through professional development workshops, trainings, yoga classes and lovingly curated yoga and wellness retreats internationally. Her programs feature embodied healing modalities including: yoga, mindfulness, breath work, restorative yoga and practices, discussion and reflection, ritual, and emphasize the importance of self-care and sustainability as the gateway to social justice and community healing in the world. Crystal’s aim is to make yoga and mindfulness inclusive and adaptive, trauma-informed and accessible for all. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an ERYT500 and RCYT.

This event is for children 5-9 and their caregivers! The event will be about 30 minutes, and adults can experience how to support kids who are the reading age of the deck to do the practices independently. Kids will also get to follow along and enjoy the practices at the outset of the event if we start with those. This will be followed up by a chat with Crystal and answer any questions folks may have!

ongoing projects

As anti-bias and anti-racist educators in progress, we acknowledge and consider our whiteness in how it informs our ABAR praxis; and we also acknowledge the unearned privileges it affords us. We believe we have a role as white people in raising awareness of white supremacy and white privilege, and we also aim to use our platform as a space where we can have these discussions and attempt to alleviate some of the undue emotional labor that is often expected of BIPOC individuals and take it on ourselves with this discussion group. 
Light up your Himalayan salt lamp, sass with some queers and refill your cup! Some months will have a theme and for some we’ll go with the flow and see what topics of conversation come up!

Join us monthly for a chat about a specific book.  Books chosen will be focused on social justice, historical memoirs, and activism!