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Bree Galbraith & Lynn Scurfield


Pointed nonbinary representation in books? YES PLEASE.

So everyone knows I’m a Bree Galbraith fangirl (in a totally not weird definitely not creepy way), and her latest release is gorgeous in every way.

In our story, Finn wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea. They think it could really be something, especially after their brother Oscar tells Finn to hold onto it. At school the next day, Finn’s friends Sima and Eleanor are encouraging, and Finn’s idea grows and grows….until….Otis. Otis claims that ideas should look like rocks. If a mind is too open, all of the thoughts will fall out. Could Otis be right?

I hardly know where to start when talking about this book, there’s so many points I want to make. Illustrations? Stunning. Plot? Brilliant. Finn’s story is so relatable; I bet all of us can think back to a time where we were really excited about an idea and then someone else deflated it with a single comment or two. Kids say mean stuff, often defensively, when something confronts a strongly-held belief. Hold That Thought! is also a testament to the power of group creativity and mutual support. A small sparkle of an idea can turn into a roaring blaze with the help of friends, taking on a life of its own! Anyway, I hope I did this story justice and convinced you that you absolutely need to go find a copy, and ask that one be ordered for your local library.

This book was kindly sent by Owlkids Books, but all opinions are my own!

Bree Galbraith

Bree (she/her) likes writing stories that inspire kids and adults to think critically about the world around them, and the ways in which we can challenge the systems in place and create change. Her books include the Wednesday Wilson series, Usha and the Stolen Sun, Milo and Georgie, Once Upon a Balloon and Nye, Sand and Stones.

Bree likes to use her books as a way to amplify the voices of her children and those close to her. She gets her inspiration from her two boys, and their constant quest to discover WHY things are the way they are. Her goal is to write stories that inspire conversations in the classroom and at home and that empower young people to think outside of the box.

Bree holds a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, and a master’s degree in communication design from Emily Carr University. She lives in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, with her family.

Lynn Scurfield

Lynn Scurfield (she/they) is a freelance illustrator from a quiet suburb outside of Toronto. She received her Bachelor of Illustration from Sheridan College in 2015 and has been drawing for a variety of clients ever since, including Macmillian Publishers and NPR. Her work has also been commissioned by publications such as the New York TimesThe Walrus and Reader’s Digest Canada.

The photo of Lynn was retrieved from this article!

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