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Jesse Levison


So this book is just hilarious, and I’m sharing it both for some levity and to once again reinforce my love of puns (especially food-related ones). Since reading, Lee and I have taken to shouting “You’re SHRIMPLY THE BEE-EEST!” at random points throughout the day…so. There you have it. A board book has amused us, people without children, very much.

The book is setup with food-based puns about how great the narrators baby is, and how they could eat them up. As a person who spent many hours baking bread professionally early in the morning, the small crew of us would sing “Bread Songs” to keep us awake and laughing with baking-related parodies of songs on the radio.

The cleverness of this book is something I would use to help readers in the pre-literacy stage understand puns, phonemic awareness, and how words can sound similar but mean different things. I think it would also be a neat book to help introduce different foods to kids as well, or maybe use it to teach cooking techniques to young kids. None of the language is gendered, which could be a lovely way to be inclusive of all family structures. Clearly, I’m ready to keep this one around for awhile. Conveniently, it’s out today!

This book was kindly sent by POW! Kids Books, but all opinions and decisions to review is my own.

Jesse Levison

Jesse Levison, born and raised in Miami, has been a printmaker for 15 years. She is influenced by the bold colors and tropical landscapes of her native South Florida while also drawing inspiration from winters spent in Brooklyn, where she lived for nine years, and the vibrancy of her current hometown of Los Angeles. Her cards, jewelry and objects bring a renewed sense of wonder and recognition to the everyday.

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