Introducing: Embracing Equity

Welcome to the first installment of our Sound Off Saturday Series!  

We are pleased to introduce you to Daisy Han of Embracing Equity:

Daisy Han

TTA: Introduce yourself!

I’m Daisy Han, and I believe in the power of education to nurture resistance and dismantle systems of oppression. With over 10 years of experience teaching in the classroom and serving as a socio-emotional learning (SEL) facilitator, I value and have seen the impact of uniting people from diverse backgrounds and providing experiential opportunities for meaningful community building. I am a partner at The Wildflower Foundation, a co-founder and Director of Curriculum at DEEP (Disruptive Equity Education Project), and am a founding board member of Montessori for Social Justice. I have Montessori teaching certifications in lower and upper elementary and secondary I and secondary II education. Recently, I taught a yearlong course on “Leading for Equity” at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and I continue to partner with school leaders in dismantling systemic racism and creating equitable opportunities for all students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My most recent work focuses on adult learning and the spiritual preparation of self in one’s own racial and ethnic identity through an organization I founded called Embracing Equity.

 TTA: What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about embracing equity, justice, and delicious food to fuel the revolution! 

 TTA: Tell us about a project you’re currently working on!

I am currently working on a project to offer teacher education programs an affiliation to social justice education work. This would allow for us to have far-reaching influence on how teachers are trained and impact the adult learning that is happening before educators enter the field. 

 TTA: How can people support you on your journey?

Advocate for Embracing Equity to come to your school/organization/workplace. We provide experiential learning opportunities grounded in research-based adult learning for people to build their consciousness, capacity, and skills to tackle the white supremacy culture that has been internalized as well as the systemic racism that has been embedded in our society — across all industries and fields. We offer programs that are both accessible online as well as in-person so that we can meet you where you are and link arms in this movement for justice. 

 TTA: What book was your favorite in 2018?

Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva 

 TTA: What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

I am looking forward to marrying the love of my life back home in Maui, Hawaii!

TTA: Thank you so much! If you would like to get to know the organizations that Daisy is involved with, including Embracing Equity, check out the links below!

Embracing Equity

The Wildflower Foundation

DEEP (Disruptive Equity Education Project)

Montessori for Social Justice

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