Lali’s Feather

Written By: Farhana Zia

Illustrated by: Stephanie Fizer-Coleman

For Ages: 4-8 years

Language: English, some Hindi

Topics Covered: Nature, Social-Emotional Learning, Observation Skills, Girls Outdoors, Friendship.


Lali’s Feather is a sweet story that follows a young girl Lali while she tries to find the owner of a little feather. When Lali approaches different birds to ask if it belongs to them, the reader learns a bit about birds.

Lali is such a sweet protagonist, and I love the bits of Hindi sprinkled throughout the book. She remains positive throughout the story when some of the birds don’t believe that such a tiny feather can do anything, she shows all sorts of attributes it has like being able to sweep dust and write a note to a goat with the tip. Lali understands the value of close observation in nature and free spiritedly floats through the outdoors (much like a feather) while visiting the birds throughout her village. Set in India, the reader can also use their observation skills to see what is the same and what is different about the place that they live, and the variety of birds that could leave a feather behind also. This is another fantastic example of a BIPOC main character just enjoying life and teaching social-emotional learning, instead of a more serious moral. Lali made me want to keep a closer eye on the ground while walking, in hopes of finding my own little feather!

This book was kindly sent to us by Peachtree Publishing, but all opinions are our own!

Farhana Zia

Farhana Zia is an elementary school teacher who grew up in Hyderabad, India. Her stories blend humor and tradition, memories and contemporary moments. Her first picture book, Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-Ji, received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. She lives in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Stephanie Fizer Coleman is the illustrator for Bird Count.  Here is a blurb from her website to learn a little bit more about her!

“I’m an illustrator, designer and generally curious girl living in lovely but misunderstood West Virgina. I was lucky to grow up in a rural area, with a babbling brook and lush forest just a few feet from my back door; I find that the love of nature I developed as a child still influences my work today.

After seriously studying ballet and getting my BA in History, I found my true passion in illustrating and have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2008.

I work in Photoshop and Procreate and have developed a style of working that blends both digital and traditional elements.  I enjoy playing around with patterns, textures and brilliant colors in my work.  Animals are my favorite subjects to illustrate and I’m thrilled to be illustrating the kinds of books I would have loved when I was a little library-goer.

My client list includes Caterpillar Books, Hallmark, American Greetings, Clarion Books, HarperCollins, Charlesbridge, Peachtree, Highlights, Mudpuppy, Sellers Publishing, Millbrook Press, Design House Greetings, and Walker Books.

When I’m not tucked away in my studio working on a book, you’ll find me tending my vegetable garden, experimenting with new vegan recipes in the kitchen, or curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea.”

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  1. Farhana Zia says:

    Thank you, TinyActivist! I sincerely appreciate your “thumbs up” for Lali’s Feather.
    With best regards,
    Farhana Zia

    1. lockehardy says:

      It was our pleasure to be able to review your lovely book!

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