lotte’s magical paper puppets: the woman behind the first animated feature film


7-10 years

  • Feminism
  • Historical Figures
  • Animation

brooke hartman & kathryn carr


This book talks about Lotte Reiniger, a German woman who became enamored with the cinema and began to create paper puppets, resulting in the first animated films! The storyline itself is rather abstract, with additional information in the back.

I love how the illustrations pay homage to Lotte’s preferred medium, paper cut figures of fairy tales. Lotte openly defied Nazi media restrictions and created movies when she returned to Germany during WWII, which is a pretty badass thing to do.

I had never heard of Lotte, and I really liked the back matter (no one is surprised here) that went into more detail about Lotte’s life and gave context to the abstract language about wartime. This book would be a lovely addition to an art class, or for someone who is also interested in animation!

Brooke Hartman

Brooke Hartman is an Alaskan mom and national award-winning author of silly, sweet, and sometimes strange stories for children and Young Adults.

Kathryn Carr

From Kathryn’s SCBWI Profile: “Inspired by the art of scherenschnitte (German for scissor snips), I create original cut paper art work.   I have been a full time paper cut artist since 2008. The aspect I enjoy most about my art work is that it seems to make a strong emotional connection with others.  I love to hear why people are drawn to certain images , sometimes it reminds them of a memory or because it makes them laugh out loud.   I have developed a line of whimsical silhouette greeting cards that are sold throughout the United States.  I also use my images for prints, tea towels, match box theaters and other fun and useful items.  I have worked with individuals and companies in creating music album covers, designs for websites and commissioned art work.  I am looking forward to starting a creative journey in illustrating and networking through SCBWI.”

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