Making Tracks: Mountain

Written & Illustrated by: Abi Hall

For Ages: Infant & Up (board book)

Language: English

Topics Covered: Nature, Sports, Disability, STEM.

Summary: This board book has both flaps and textured cut-outs shaped like different footprints, and I really like that all the tracks we see aren’t on the same mountain (but mountains all over the world)! Using a combination of animal and human tracks, readers can make a guess before lifting the flap and revealing the answer.

I would also like to note how diverse the few human characters are in the book, which was a lovely surprise while reading. A woman skiing is an amputee, and a shepherd named Shouri herds goats. This would be great for teaching about animal tracks, different landscapes and ecosystems, and prediction skills. This book is super cute, and just one in a series with all different nature settings!

Abi Hall

Abi Hall is an English Designer based on the sunny south east coast of Ireland. Trained as a fine art printmaker, Abi then went on to a career in Interior Design and now works full time as an illustrator and surface pattern designer.

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