My First Book About Ramadan

English & Arabic

2+ board book


Islam Culture & Identity

Sara Khan & Ali Lodge


With Eid al Fitr tonight, I just squeaked in under the wire to share this lovely board book about Ramadan! This is a board book geared towards teaching young children about the month Ramadan, and what Muslim families might do during it. It touches briefly on the five pillars of Islam, and that some folks might not fast during Ramadan. The illustrations are really cute and showcase lots of families taking part in Ramadan activities. In the back of the book after the story there is additional information about Ramadan, listing some facts and a short Q&A.

This book was published by Kube Publishing, and sent by Publisher Spotlight. All opinions are my own! As a person who is not Muslim, I was glad to see that Kube is an Islamic publisher because I feel more confident that the illustrations are accurate. Of course, you shouldn’t be taking my word about own voices books about a group that I am not a member of. Instead, seek out Muslim book reviewers and check out all of the excellent books they review!

Sara Khan

Sara Khan was born in Stuttgart, Germany, before moving to the UK at the age of 12. Fluent in German, Arabic and Urdu, Sara is both a bestselling author and qualified translator. She holds a first-class BA (hons) in Linguistics and Arabic as well as a MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the University of Manchester.

As part of her degree, Sara lived in Amman, Jordan, with her husband Naveed, and studied Arabic at the University of Jordan. Living in Jordan enabled them to travel across the Middle East and experience numerous Muslim cultures, traditions and historic sites in places such as Cairo, Damascus, Jerusalem, Madinah and Makkah.

Her postgraduate research focused on Qur’an translation and adaptation for children and now the proud mother of a little girl called Raya, Sara aims to build upon her academic career and personal experience to help fill the gap when it comes to presenting Islam to toddlers and young children in an age appropriate way.

Ali Lodge

Ali is a freelance illustrator and mum from North Wales. Ali’s first children’s book was published in 2005, and since has illustrated many books and projects for children – including picture books, novelty books, reading series titles, books for babies, pop-up books, materials for libraries and schools, and more. Ali lives in Wilmslow in Cheshire with her two children, my beagle puppy and hamster!

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