Written by: Avalon Nuovo

Illustrated by: David Doran

For ages: any age

Language: English

Topics Covered: Music, Orchestra, Instruments, Historic Figures, History, STEAM.

Summary: This book was sent to us by Flying Eye Books, Nobrow in the UK, but all opinions are our own!  We have seen several release dates for this book-October 18 & November 5, we believe it depends on where you live!  Happy Week of Music from us here at The Tiny Activist, here is our first featured book review!

This is an amazing oversized coffee table book, beautiful and easy to peruse the pages.  The illustration style is reminiscent of the vintage travel posters from the 1950’s.  There is so much information jam-packed in this book, it’s incredibly well-researched and in-depth.  The book is broken up into sections, making the reading experience able to be tailored to the age and confidence level of the reader.  The book breaks down the sections of the orchestra, their arrangement, and teaches about the instruments.  The book also has sections about famous historical figures like Hildegarde of Bingen, Vivaldi, and Amy Peach.  One of our favorite sections is called “Beyond the Concert Hall” and has information music mythology, opera, composition and dance.  The book is a compilation of so many subjects, and person would be hard-pressed to find nothing of interest to them within these covers!  The perfect book to use in a music class, or for the music lover in your life.  This book is going right on our coffee table, we want everyone to read it!

About the Author & the Illustrator:

DSC_0542Avalon Nuovo is a Los Angeles-bred illustrator living in Cambridge UK, and working with editorial, motion, advertising, and publishing, among other applications. Her work draws from influences of music, video games, history, nature, and a love of life drawing. It reflects what is usually on her mind: environmental action, social justice, and trying to find and highlight things that make humanity seem a little more promising.


DavidDoran_PortraitDavid Doran is an award winning illustrator based in Falmouth, UK. From his studio by the water, he works with international brands, magazines, newspapers, festivals and publishers creating illustrations of all shapes and sizes.  His debut book Alphabet Cities is available now in a bookshop near you. Would you like to stay up to date with news about David? Subscribe to his quarterly newsletter.

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