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When we’re not reading books on books on books, we are following our desire to learn down many different avenues.

Stay tuned to see what we get up to!

Cook up some joy & resistance!

The Sweets & Social Justice Cookbook arose out of a desire to combine two of our favorite things: baking and using books to teach about different aspects of SJE! Corrie was once a professional pastry chef, baking bread, and have worked pretty much every job in a restaurant.  Cooking and baking offers her space and time to get into the flow, and can even become a moment of meditation. She loves developing recipes and sharing them with others. 

In order to stretch her abilities during the pandemic, Corrie wanted to pair these tasty treats with books we are loving at the moment. We hope you enjoy these recipes, and if you make any of your own creations, don’t forget to use the hashtag #sweetsandsocialjustice so we can admire your handiwork! 

What inspired us to start The Pint-Sized Professor? We love science and learning about the world around us, so we are always drawn to books and stories that make complex concepts easy to understand.

After all, everyone, from kids to adults, deserves to discover what they are passionate about, especially if they have been told that their marginalized group “can’t” be interested in STEM! 

So who is the bookstagang?

A secret cabal?

A school of fish in a morph suit?

All of that and more? …read on if you dare.