Our Bookshop

Often we get a lot of messages on Instagram from folks who want to add the books we recommend to their personal library but desperately want to avoid giving their hard earned cash to Jeff Bezos…

What is a book lover to do?

Bookshop.org is here to help!

Bookshop.org connects the buyer with independent and local bookstores, so you can support small businesses and still order books online!

Take a look at their interactive map and support stores in your community – or send a book to a pen pal from a spot in their neck of the woods!

Bookshop.org Locations

“Bookshop.org hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire.”
Chicago Tribune

We have built some curated lists into 3 categories to make it easier to search for the books you want to integrate into your shelves.

If you use our affiliate link, we do make a small commission which helps to support website costs, and Bookshop.org gives a matching 10% to independent bookstores!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and conversations. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful online community dedicated to finding the best books.

Cheers, Corrie