Picture Book Editing

Corrie Locke-Hardy in a tree with a picture book.

Are you working on a manuscript for a picture book that includes LGBTQIA+ characters? My sensitivity reading and consultation skills will help make your manuscript the most inclusive and accurate as possible.

Sensitivity Reading

I offer a sensitivity reading for your manuscript. As a queer person, I can attest that authentic representation is crucial within picture books!

Starting at $75

Manuscript Editing package

This package includes both substantive and line editing. I’ll also work with you throughout the entire process.

Starting at $200

Manuscript Development package

This package offers “big picture” editing, including plot, concept, and character development recommendations.

Starting at $125

Line editing

Line editing involves a close monitoring of text flow, tone, and consistency. Line editing is most useful after the manuscript has been globally edited and workshopped several times.

Starting at $125