picture bookstagang podcast

Did you know Corrie hosts a podcast with two of her fellow Bookstagram friends?

The podcast digs deep into these magical little pieces of art known as picture books and have informed discussions about everything from how to diversify your bookshelf to digging into why we get so nostalgic about problematic books. We hope in the future to bring old and new concepts to the podcast like author and publishing industry interviews as well as some fun stuff like Librarian Fight Club!

You can download and listen to episodes of the podcast on your favorite podcast platform, or check out our website for transcripts, downloads related to the episodes, and to learn more about the hosts!

Episode 12: Best Books of 2020! Picture Bookstagang

Show Notes Episode 12 https://picturebookstagang.wordpress.com/ “The Bookstagang Best of 2020 List” Episode summary:  In this episode the Picture Bookstagang hosts Corrie @thetinyactivists, Kelly @inclusivestorytime and, Ale @readwithriver discuss the winners of the #Bookstagang’s winners for Best Picture Books of 2020.  The Bookstagang is a group of Instagram KidLit influencers who gather together to work together… Continue reading Episode 12: Best Books of 2020!
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