Planet S.O.S

Written & Illustrated by: Marie G. Rohde

For ages: 8-12 years 

Language: English 

Topics Covered: Climate Justice, Environment, Sustainability, Pint-Sized Professor, Climate Change, STEM, Call to Action.


Planet SOS is an incredibly fascinating book, and the layout is one of the most creative I’ve seen in a non-fiction.  Combining environmental threats and mythical creatures, creator Marie G. Rohde brings climate change to life.  Each monster also has a card (akin to a Pokemon card) that tells the reader what feeds the monster and what defeats it.  If we want to defeat the Acid Sea Dragon (modeled after the Loch Ness Monster) we can remember to use sustainable power sources, ride our bikes, and learn about what green campaigns are going on in our community.

I love so much about this book.  I like how it’s set up like a game, and readers can use this challenge as a call to action to help the environment.  We also learn what feeds these monsters, such as littering or spraying pesticides.  Having so many options to both feed and defeat these monsters lends flexibility.  Not every family can do every single one of the suggested actions, especially if driving a car is the only way to get to work, but working in other monster-shrinking ways (like getting local produce or buying secondhand clothes) together as a family can create new traditions and help the earth.

The illustrations are gorgeous, and contains several flaps with keys to symbols on the monster cards, blurbs about the mythic beast on each page, and a global map showing where monsters live. However, the book does a fantastic job of not just scaring the reader, but turning it into an empowering game that teaches about climate change and sustainability, and mystical creatures.  Having the monster cards on top of this not only organizes the information well, but also attracts readers.  Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this book and it’s stunning illustrations.  You absolutely need to read this!

This book was published by What On Earth Books but kindly sent to us by Publisher’s Spotlight.

About the Author & Illustrator:

606985_Marie-_G-Rohde_ehgxjwWhen finishing her architectural studies in Sweden, Marie G. Rohde entered children’s books competition and began a new and unexpected chapter in her life. Marie swapped plans and diagrams for illustration, print design and living in Barcelona. Her books Taming True Dragons and Planet SOS are the result of a lifelong interest in myths and environmental issues.

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