Plastic: Past, Present, and Future

Written By: Eun-Ju Kim

Illustrated by: Ji-Won Lee

For Ages: 6-10 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: Environment, Pint-Sized Professor, Environmental Activism, STEM, Plastic, Climate Change.

Summary: This bright and informative book covers all a young person needs to know about plastic-the good and the bad. Starting with a story about lost cargo, the reader goes on a global adventure learning about how and why we use plastic. In many ways, plastic helps us. It is used in healthcare to make things safer and less contaminated. It also is lighter to ship and saves fuel. However, plastic can also be very detrimental to the environment and it causes immense harm to ocean life and the atmosphere.

I like how this story is a good balance of informative and realistic about harm, but not scary. It’s hugely depressing to think about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but ignoring it won’t allow us to be proactive and create less plastic waste. The story also talks about initiatives of other countries to cut down on single-use plastic (like grocery bags and water bottles) in favor of reusable products.

These illustrations are really fun, and take the reader on a journey through different engineering processes and I really like the global approach to this book. A really cool book to use when learning about recycling, environmental sustainability, and the health of our natural areas. There is also a list of tips for talking with others about plastic use, and ends on an empowering note.

This book was kindly sent to us by Cursor Marketing, but published by Scribble Kids Books. All opinions are my own!

Eun-Ju Kim

Eun-ju Kim has been writing children’s books for a long time since studying physics and early childhood education in college.

Ji-Won Lee

Ji-won Lee studied illustration and has been working as an illustrator of children’s books.

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