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Coco Romack


The newest edition of the Words of Change series is out now, and just in time for Pride month! Queer is a small volume that includes photos and quotes from LGBTQ activists, and embodies the spirit of rebellion within the queer community. One of my favorites ends with “…subtlety is a privilege.” THIS.

This is the crux of what we fight for. Assimilation is what we’re told to strive for, to blend into the heteronormativity, the white picket fence, the 2.5 children. Forgetting the denial of rights and the inhumane treatment from the government. Our beautiful and multifaceted community doesn’t need to dim ourselves and our expression, nor should we be pressured to.

“The best way you can alienate a community is by denying them their reflection in society”- Gonzalo Casals. Anyone with a marginalized identity knows the struggle of finding a mirror of their experience in media, especially children’s books.

We lost an entire generation of our elders, and this makes books even more important. Queer is like a hug from your favorite radical queer family member, the one that encourages you to dye your hair and challenge the unfair dresscode at school. The person that takes you to your first protest march, and lets you call them anytime of night. Everyone, and especially queer youth, needs this book on their shelf.

This book was kindly sent by Sasquatch Books, but all opinions are my own!

Coco Romack

Coco is a writer and editor. The image accompanying this post was downloaded here! Can’t get enough of this badass human? Check out this article about the book Queer!

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