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Jamie Lawson & Eve Lloyd Knight


For #SweetsAndSocialJustice this week, I went all out and made a mountain of frosting (I’m always convinced I’m going to run out) and it culminated in what I described to those I shared it with as “Gay Cake”. It was important to me that I not only made a rainbow flag, but included the Philly Pride Flag, with the added black and brown stripes.

Rainbow Revolutions is a gorgeous celebration of our rich LGBTQIA+ history of protest and activism. For fans of Rebel Voices, you’ll notice artist Eve Lloyd Knight’s beautiful signature illustration style. I love the beginning of the book that writes of the history of the word “queer” itself, and how every act of reaffirming our own identity is an act of revolution. Aimed at ages 12 and up, the text in the book gives information about historical queer activism and history, without being overwhelming. It recognizes how colonialism greatly impacted gender expression and support for queer identities within society pre-colonization.

Rainbow Revolutions gives names and dates, but not enough to make the readers’ heads spin. I appreciate that it addresses large protests and legislation that impacted our beautiful queer community across the globe. Section 28 laws in Britain, marriage equality, and how homosexuality was removed from a list of mental health conditions (that had to do with a speech from a Mr. H Anonymous at an APA conference). The book doesn’t shy away from the hardships, it also doesn’t shy away from the joy and resilience that we’ve cultivated through chosen family and community. Rainbow Revolutions made me proud to be queer, and to continue the tradition of demanding justice and equity for marginalized folks, whether they be queer or not.

This book was kindly sent by Crocodile Books, but all opinions and decision to review are my own. In fact, if you would like your own copy, I have a discount code that will save you 30% on the publisher’s website! Enter code: thetinyactivist at checkout! This code is good until the end of May 2021.

For the cake recipe, I tried out this one, and am very pleased with how sturdy it is, I could definitely use it to build much taller cakes in the future! I made my typical vanilla bean buttercream & chocolate buttercream (my absolute favorite) to decorate.

Jamie Lawson

From the University of Bristol website: “A queer anthroppologist, my major research interest is in sex and sexuality, with a specific focus on sexual minorities and sexual subcultures. I have worked on sex and sexuality using a variety of methodologies including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Most recently, I have been involved in the Art of Relationships project at the OU, using a novel methodology (visual matrix) to evaluate the use of art as a pathway to impact, and have completed an interview-based study into the culture and history of the Puppy Play community.”

Eve Lloyd Knight

From her website: “Since Studying illustration at Kingston I’ve created work for brands and publishers all over the world, and I recently won the Margaret Mallett Picture Book Award award for my illustration and design in the bestselling Rebel Voices.

I live in Margate, the Kent coasts creative hub, and I love to create work with a rich narrative and design led aesthetic.

Interests – equality, culture, empowerment.
Style – colourful, texture rich, design led.
Approach – collaborative, thoughtful, open.”

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